Preschool Art Workshop


May 2, 2023 10:00-10:45

Join us for our Preschool Art Workshop! Our art theme this week will be “Barnyard Fun”. The children will be painting sheep and also mixing colors with paints.

Cost: $5   Please email or text me so we can be sure to have enough supplies ready for the art projects.

* Children must be accompanied by parent for preschool workshops.

Join Us for Our Preschool Art Workshop

The Preschool Art Workshop is for children aged 3-5 and is similar to story hour at the library with more of a focus toward art. Each week will be based on a different theme. We’ll start each workshop by reading a few books, followed by some activities and games. Then the children will create an arts and crafts project and explore many different mediums such as painting, finger painting, collage and watercolors. A fun first art experience discovering various artistic materials.

Our preschool program begins with a few songs which are listed here if you wanted to familiarize your child/children with them.  Beginning in this way, with these routines and patterns gives children a sense of what to expect each week.

We begin with “It’s Storytime” and that tune signals to the children it’s time to settle down and that we are starting the program. Then we sing, “Open Shut Them.” After that we do the fingerplay, “The Storytime Song for Children,” to help get the wiggles out before we begin reading our books. After our books and games we’ll sing, “Clap Your Hands,” which is a fun, lively song children love to take part in before we create our art project. 

Is your child younger, but you feel they’d do well in a program like this? Please contact me as I’ve had many younger children in this program who have flourished with a little additional help from their parents. And be sure to check out Toddlers and Preschool Art for some tips to help your younger child have the best experience possible.

For lyrics to “It’s Story Time” click here.

For lyrics to “Open Shut Them” click here.

For lyrics to “Storytime Song for Children” click here.

For lyrics to “Clap Your Hands” click here.