Modeling Clay Creative Fun

Our recent ARTivity workshop was a delightful exploration of creativity and imagination. We immersed ourselves in the world of Barbara Reid, a renowned Plasticine (modeling clay) artist, through her engaging book “The New Baby Calf.” It was a day filled with artistic exploration, and the children, as well as myself, found inspiration in unexpected places.

The Magic of “The New Baby Calf”

One of the highlights of the workshop was our exploration of “The New Baby Calf.” It was heartwarming to see how the children really embraced the book. They noticed subtle details, such as the changing seasons and the clever shift in perspective on one page where the clay photo was seen from above. These keen observations demonstrated how art can be a gateway to understanding the world around us and appreciating the beauty of the changing scenes.

Clay Creations and Creative Expression

Working with non-drying clay was an absolute delight. The children eagerly molded and shaped their own scenes, channeling their inner artists. What struck me most was how much I enjoyed working with the clay myself. It was a reminder that art has the power to bring out the child in all of us, fostering a sense of playfulness and exploration.

Using a fork to create texture on the tree. And a twirling tornado!
The sky, clouds and fields.

A Special Note for Parents

For parents who want to continue exploring Barbara Reid’s world, I highly recommend visiting her website It’s a rich source of resources and fascinating insights about this talented illustrator. You’ll find valuable information about her creative process, as well as tips on how to nurture your child’s artistic inclinations.

In conclusion, our ARTivity workshop was a heartwarming reminder of the importance of fostering creativity in children and adults alike. Through Barbara Reid’s engaging book and the magic of clay, we discovered that art has the power to transport us to new worlds and inspire us to see the beauty in everyday life. We eagerly anticipate more creative adventures in the future!

A new artist's signature! Love it!

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