Exploring Warm and Cool Colors

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Shining Brightly and Embracing Colors: A Creative Journey with Aesop’s Fable

In our recent workshop, we embarked on a creative exploration that we’re excited to share with you. The literary connection for our workshop was Aesop’s Fable, “The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind.” This timeless tale reminds us that gentleness and brightness can be the key to success, a lesson we aimed to bring to life through the magic of art.

And here’s a twist: we didn’t just explore one version of the story; we compared two different versions! Why, you might ask? Well, we wanted to showcase how illustrations can use warm or cool colors to convey emotions and how different illustrator and their artwork can change the total feel of the story itself as well as the emotions you’ll feel while you are reading the stories.

We read both "The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind: An Aesop's Fable" retold by Heather Forest and illustrated by Susan Gaher and "The Wind and the Sun" retold and illustrated by Tomie De Paola.
The illlustrator uses gray, blues and browns to convey cool colors for the wind.
The illlustrator uses colors like yellow, orange and red to convey the warm sun.

In this week’s art project we immersed ourselves in the world of colors and using liquid watercolors painted either a sunset over water or a landscape. Warm shades like reds, yellows, and oranges embodied the vibrant strength of the sun, while tranquil blues, purples, and greens beautifully captured the calm nature of the sea or landscape.

As an additional project our budding artists traced their hands and used warm and cool pastels to shade around them. The result? Their artwork radiated with the same gentle warmth as the sun in our story or the coolness of the sea.

At its core, this workshop was all about teaching our young artists that being gentle and shining brightly can be the most powerful approach to any challenge. We wanted them to not just hear this lesson, but to feel it through their creative process.

We hope the children left the center inspired, their creativity ignited and ready to shine in their own unique ways.

Until next time, keep shining brightly and embracing the beautiful colors of life.


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