Encouraging and Inspiring Your Creative Child

Mixed Media Art Materials

There are so many ways to encourage and inspire your creative child. Here are a few ideas to help that creative genius in your child flourish even more.

1. Allow your child access to lots of art supplies like a sketchbook, drawing pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paint. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do this. In fact The Dollar Tree has all the art items mentioned above.

2. Forget perfection. Art is not about perfection. Everyone is truly an artist. Art is something that grows on each past experience. Supporting your child in whatever stage they may be at now may be just the encouragement your little artist needs.

3. Keep the praise to a minimum. This is a tough one but art is something you do because it feeds your soul and makes you more of who you are and gives you a way to express your unique creative spark. Giving too much praise often makes children work toward more praise, instead of developing their own motivation and drive for their creative endeavors.

4. Get creative! This suggestion is encouragement for the parents because it’s important for our children to also see us exercising our creative muscle and trying new things. Expressing your creative interests sends a powerful message about the joy that comes from pursuing artistic endeavors.

5. Let Children Be BoredWhen my daughter was younger, sometimes as most children often do I’m sure, she would announce, “I’m bored.” And she would receive the same response every single time. I’d throw my hands in the air and cheer and say, “Terrific!” And then I’d add, “Because out of boredom comes creativity.”

That is so true and something we don’t often consider. Our children are busy, busy, busy these days. But children also need that down time, that quiet. And yes, sometimes even total boredom to spark and ignite their creativity.

So yes, absolutely, let them be bored and just watch that creativity soar!