About Celeste and the Center

Painting Birch Trees

The ARTivity Center at Fields of Dreams Farm is a a place to inspire and foster each individual’s own unique artistic voice. The art center allows each artist to creatively explore materials to express themselves. The art center also allows each artist to make their own discoveries, either independently or together, and to feel confident in the choices they make.

Children painting circles with watercolors

Nothing gives me greater joy than watching children and adults in my art workshops letting their creativity take off and soar. 

Normally in a workshop, I present an idea for a project we’ll be creating. After that, it’s up to each individual artist where that project will take them. My goal is to limit instruction and guidance to the minimum. Just enough to get everybody going and so no one feels in any way frustrated or too challenged by the project. Then I step back. I’m there if needed or if someone needs help, but other that that, I let the artists go to work! 

All I can say is it’s so amazing to see what each artist brings to the table. Time and again, I’ve been surprised and so inspired myself by what develops from the experience.

The ARTivity Center at Fields of Dreams Farm was created to help us all be more creative. Art and creativity are intrinsically entwined. Creativity needs a bit of inspiration and lots of artistic practice to grow. Creativity in art is boundless and free and allows each individual’s unique spark to shine. And that’s what it’s all about, finding our selves and letting all that we are shine.

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